Speakers’ Dinner

Date, venue and time to be announced
Sponsor’s flags will be placed on each table. Menus will be printed with the sponsor’s logo.
The sponsor will also be entitled to invite two persons to the dinner.

Fee: €5,000*


Coffee/Tea Breaks

Sponsorship to include two coffee/tea breaks consisting of coffee/ tea/mineral water and a
snack item, for all participants. A fantastic opportunity for the sponsor to brand the area with
literature or gifts.




Following the morning conference sessions, a buffet sit down lunch will be served to conference
delegates, speakers and press. Take advantage of this branding opportunity by customising
the area with signs, table flags etc. The sponsor will also have the opportunity for some
essential business networking through special invitees to the lunch for the sponsor’s
guests/employees (number to be agreed with organisers).

Fee: €12,000*


Farewell Reception

Following on from the close of the conference, make a lasting impression and promote your
brand to conference delegates, speakers and press.

Fee: €10,000*


Badges and Lanyards

All attendees (conference delegates, speakers and press) will be issued with high quality
badges and lanyards branded with the sponsors name/logo.



Conference Programme

A high quality, full-colour programme detailing the entire conference: conference sessions,
speakers, sponsors, participants, timetable etc. This will also contain the sponsors’ profile. The
package includes two adverts on the inside front and back cover of the programme.



Conference Bags

High quality wallets for all conference delegates, speakers, and press, which will be branded
with the sponsor’s name/logo. The sponsor will also be able to insert one promotional item
into the bag (brochure, flyer etc.)

Fee: €6,000*


Delegate Notepads and Pens

Branded notepads and pens will be inserted into delegate bags as well as made freely available.

Fee: €4,000*


Display Areas

A unique opportunity to ‘exhibit’ at the conference. Using your own pop-up banners / displays,
this marketing opportunity is limited to just a handful of companies.

Cost: €2,200*

*Prices do not include 23% VAT.